I stand at the doorstep of heaven,

knowing that pure grace, pure love, live there.

Mercy and joy create a symphony of perfect light

heralding the brilliance of Christ.

Your Song swells with intricate harmonies

and intertwining melodies that speak of ages old.

Your laughter resounds off the cliffs

and reverberates down the canyons!


I gaze with imperfect eyes,

knowing someday I will enter in.

The chaotic rhythm of my life with discordant sounds,

the harsh clanging of brokenness and strife,

are healed by Your gentle touch.

Lord, make my life a joyful song for You,

with sweet refrains that bring glory to Your name.

Help me share Your Song to a world that is lost

and so in need of Your grace!


You broke your Father’s heart to mend mine

so that I could live with You for all eternity!

Breathe Your breath of heaven into my mind,

bringing Your light

into my darkened chasms,

pouring Your Spirit onto my thirsty soul,

letting Your sunbeams splash into my life,

allowing me to shine for You,

for Your Name and for Your sake.


©2014 Thrive