Rivalry—it does not just apply to biological siblings.  Rivalry can take place on the field with sisters in Christ…co-workers…fellow laborers.

Let a hurt, a disagreement, an aggravation live in you long enough, and you will get a very bad attitude as a result.

It is the Bible story of Mary and Martha.  I am like Martha.  There, that is my confession.  We both are organized, frugal and more practical than anything.  Ask us to choose between our work and a good movie, and we’ll take the work.

Mary (or should we say, my co-worker) will always choose the movie.  Siblings—we have the same Father, but how different we are!  I want to conquer the journey.  She is enjoying the trip.

I think, like me, Martha worried way too much!  She let everything bother her.  She stewed, she got mad.  Her words to Jesus were demands.  My prayers sound like the “to do” list on my refrigerator.

The thing that makes this Bible story interesting, though, is that Martha was doing a good thing!  She was feeding Jesus.  But somewhere between wanting to make Him happy and suppertime she started wanting to please herself.

If you could have seen my face earlier today, you would have said, “Oh, she’s upset!”  I probably made Martha look like an angel.  Was that my voice that said, “All I ever do is work around here while she runs off for more fellowship!”?

“Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work alone?” (Luke 10:40)

Satan did not try to stop Martha’s work; he just tried to ruin her motive.  He does not care how much ministry you do as long as you do it with a bad attitude.

I sang a song in my Child Evangelism class just this morning,

“Work on your attitude, the way you know you should.

Put away those selfish thoughts and think only on good.

Check every motive.  Make sure you pass the test…”

I did not pass the test today.  A bad attitude spoiled my “living sacrifice that I lay on the altar for God.”

God gave Martha and me our personalities.  He has done the same with my co-worker.  If I spend my time fussing over her life, I will end up hurting mine.  But if I will do my best and do what is right with a sweet spirit, I could end up helping us both!

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