Didn’t I just pack a bag like this?
Warning from the Embassy
Sends me searching through the closets again.
Please Lord, Maranatha

What season is it in my homeland?
Do the kids have the right kinds of clothes?
Please Lord, Maranatha

Keep a low profile, lay low for awhile
An American in a small African town
Do we count as a target?

My neighbors say, “Please no violence on our soil.”
“We haven’t done anything.”
Forgive me, friends, if my presence here puts you in danger.

Watch the email and CNN, talk with the Embassy
We continually analyze the situation for a possible evacuation.

Prayers mixed with anxiety
Overseas phone calls from parents
“Just checking if you are ok.”
“We are praying for you,”

Passports, US dollars, immunization records
Film negatives and the computer
Packed and Ready
Please Lord, Maranatha

Constant reminders, This world is not my home.
We’ll stay and work as long as we are able
Even so, come quickly, Lord, come quickly.


©2003 Thrive

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