Haggai 1:5 Now therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts, consider your ways.

When I read a verse like this, it encourages me to do an in-depth study in my own personal life. I started looking up verses with the word “way” or “ways” in them. I would like to share some that I found.

Most importantly, we should be on the narrow WAY that leads to Heaven as described in Matthew 7:13-14. Jesus is the WAY, as it tells us in John 14:6. As global workers, we should be doing as James 5:20 tells us and be converting the sinner from the error of their WAY. There have been times that I wondered if God was really watching over us here in the jungle. He is! Job 23:8-10 assures me of it! He knows where we are on our WAY. I have three small boys that I am rearing here in the jungle. I must do as Proverbs 22:6 tells me and train them in the WAY they should go. Just as I do not send them out into the dark jungle night without a torchlight, neither should I send them out into the world without the light of Jesus!

If we are hard toward God in our hearts, He knows it and will bring us back to Him if we let Him. One morning after only being here a month, our youngest boy fell and needed stitches in his forehead. Medical attention is very poor, and I “lost it.” As my husband picked little John up into his arms and started walking to the local “clinic,” not only did I start to cook a physical meal, I started a spiritual stew. I stirred up some anger, a whole bunch of bitterness, salted in some self-pity and almost added worse things, when a sweet sound filled my ears. My oldest son, had started singing Isaiah 55:6-9, to a tune he had learned in Sunday School. It melted my heart and right then is when I knelt and asked God to take my children back from me! I had given them to Him when they were born, but moving to the jungle, I had “taken them back” to myself. I knew it was wrong.

I am thankful I let my “stew” burn that day! God IS in complete control of whatever happens here.

Let me encourage you today to look up “way” and “ways” in your Bible and see what you can find! I found many in Psalms and Proverbs.


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