A child’s birthday is a joyful occasion for an entire year. Here is an opportunity to show a child how important he or she is to the family. They can see how loved and special they are.

Anticipation is a lot of the excitement. It is a golden chance for siblings to do special things for the birthday child.

So the birthday “hype” or excitement begins to build about a week before the birthday. So, begin to have the other children make small gifts and cards, etc. Show acts of kindness, with lots of fun and secrets.

For the birthday celebration meal, let the birthday child plan the menu. This will include appetizers, beverage, entre, and dessert. The special child will choose which flavor of cake and frosting, or perhaps hot fudge sundaes, cupcakes, brownies or pie.

Take breakfast to the birthday child on a try with one small gift and cards, flowers, or balloons. Make the day very special from the start.

Start with a birthday prayer thanking God for this special life, and for His will in this life.

Sing “happy birthday” at least twice during the day, and remember breakfast in bed is magic. I assure you that the kindness of the family will be a sweet memory forever. How special the child feels when they themselves are celebrated! Make them feel secure in their family; wanted, cherished and loved.

P.S. Be sure to reminisce about the actual birthday – for example, was it snowing (what was the weather)?   Did Grandma and Grandpa drive like crazy to get to the hospital? Was there “great excitement”? What about their name – who decided what it would be, and what does it mean?


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