I saw a man with paralyzed arms
He asked me to hold his hand.

I saw a man without legs
He begged me to give him money.

I saw children with empty stomachs
They asked me for food.

I saw a woman with children who were cold
She implored me to give them clothes.

I fell on my knees
I cried
I called out to God
“Why God?
This is all too much for me to know!”

Peacefully and patiently
He spoke to me, and I understood that:

He saw a woman who was helpless – and He held her hand.
He saw a woman who couldn’t go on – and He carried her.
He saw a woman who’s soul was empty – and He filled it.
He saw a woman all alone – and He made her his child.
“He saw a woman and that woman was me.

Then, in his gentle voice, He said to me:
“Be like me.”
John 15:12 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”


©2003 Thrive

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