They have finally arrived…
“Were in the world is that ?”
Everyone asks…
“Far away, very far away.”
I answer…
My feelings are mixed.
I am glad, but yet so sad,
They have worked so hard,
and I am so proud.
They love and serve you, Lord.
A mother’s prayer…
A grandmother’s sadness…
Sometimes the emptiness is big,
and I cry.
Sometimes the peace is enough,
and I rest in You.

I am determined they will know me because Grandparenting is a very important role to me. I love my grandchildren; they hold my heart.

Each one is unique,
and each one is special.
Teach me, Lord,
How to be a long distance grandma.
Please, let them know me in spite of the miles.
You are God and you are with them.
You are there to comfort,watch over,
and care for them.
I rejoice in that, and I find comfort in this truth.
Help me to remember this daily.
I know that you love them and me,
and You will care for us all.
You have blessed me by making me a grandma.
Please, make our relationship special
In spite of the distance.


©2002 Thrive

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