One heart
torn in two
reliving every moment
of the days so few

She holds close to her heart
these memories so dear
now triggered afresh
as she sheds her tears

She says good-bye
again as she leaves
knowing that one day
them again she will see

Yet, her heart aches
to have them all
her family, her friends
but also her call

She loves her life
on the other side of the world
but questions sometimes why
it has to be so hard

But as she ponders
this question deep within
it is in this moment
that God comes in

To remind her of
the people that He loves
on the other side of the world
those whom her calling consists of

Seeing their faces
change in the night
as they accept Jesus
and move from darkness to light

She counts it a blessing
to be a part
of this foreign field harvest
of God’s unconditional love

Then she remembers why
her heart has been torn
because God the Father gave
His only begotten Son

With this in mind
she again takes her leave
because of the great Harvest
yet to be received.

©2002 Thrive

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