How are you doing with your bible reading these days? What sort of goal do you have this year for reading your bible? Are you plugging at it?

Many years ago I made a commitment to the Lord to read my bible every year. I figure I have such a long way to go before becoming a godly woman, that I better get started. I think that maybe in about 50 years I might be getting close.

The thing about reading your bible every year is 1- you have to do it every day, or you’ll get way behind, and 2-God always has a channel through which He can get my attention!!

This month I’ve been reading through Chronicles, and thinking about the epitaphs of kings. Listen to this, “He was thirty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem eight years; and he departed with no ones regret.” [2Chron.21:20]

When we were graduating from High School, one of my girlfriends was asked to share her plans for her life. She was being funny when she said; “They lived until they died.” But it isn’t funny. We really do. The thing is, what are we going to do with these few years in between? Will there be anyone to say “thank you” when we get to heaven? What will “those who come behind us” say?

Here’s another one: “And he did right in the sight of the Lord, yet not with a whole heart.” [2 Chron. 25:2] Wholeheartedness. There’s a tender issue. We think because we’ve made the commitment to serve the Lord in full time work, or follow our husbands so they can do what they love, that we’ve arrived. But I suggest that the Lord will test our commitment and our love continuously. What does being whole-hearted imply in regard to our relationships with national women? What does whole-hearted expect when your husband brings home the entire elder board and trustingly expects you to feed them? What does wholehearted mean when your children are in their formative years and you would “rather” be teaching women’s bible studies?

The answers to these and all the other issues are found each day as we faithfully spend time in the Word. It’s so easy to get sidetracked. So easy to get caught up in the urgent that we forget the big picture. I encourage you, make the time each day. Make it a priority. I know there are times when the baby wakes up every time you do, but even babies can learn. Hold him and read, he’d probably enjoy hearing your prayers anyway! Most kids can figure out it’s worth letting Mommy have half an hour to herself in the morning. She’s less grumpy!

Have a plan. Don’t just read randomly. Set yourself a goal, and go for it. Don’t wait for a “spiritual high” every day. It won’t come. Be faithful to meet the Lord, and listen to Him. It’s a long road most of us will have to travel before we get home, set yourself a working pace and press on.

It is a long road. And there are lots of traps and temptations along the way. Remember that it’s the gals who don’t read their bibles every day who get sidetracked. The lies start to sound reasonable, discouragement becomes a common word, and the whole thing is no longer worth the effort. Cling hard. Determine each day to get before the throne and tell Him that you love Him.


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