A virtuous global working woman… who can find?

She is far more precious than Inca gold. Her value above many llamas. The heart of her husband trusts in her…she will comfort, encourage and occasionally ask him to take out the garbage as long as there is life within her. She seeks out cross—stitch kits and works with willing hands. She is like merchant ships. she brings her household food from a far commissary… it really feels far when her stringbags are loaded and her moto breaks down! She rises while it is yet night due to the squeaking of bats on the tin roof above her and the sudden noise of mangoes crashing around her. She has not the time to consider buying~ a new field yet she plants fruitful banana plants near her house. She girds herself with strength by taking mega—vitamins. She makes her arms strong and firm by hugging her children and pushing her useless moto to the gas pumps. She lays her hands on whatever is on the “give away” table and her hands hold garage sale treasures. She opens her hand to the poor,yes, her hands are filled with cloth diapers, baby blankets, bags of beans and rice for the needy. She fears not the hordes of mosquitoes for her family is all slathered in Skin—So—Soft lotion. She fears not the cold winds called “frios” that come upon her family, for all her household are doubly clothed with socks, jogging outfits and every spare sheet, blanket and curtain she can find! She makes not coverlets and cushions due to the probability that they will soon be covered with black mold. Her clothing is of cotton, faded now due to the heavily chlorinated water and hot sun! Her husband is known in the center fix—it shop when he sits among the mechanics of the land discussing theology and bicycle parts. Courage and dignity are her clothing, her Baygon pest spray is always nearby and the rat traps securely set. She opens her mouth to speak skillful Spanish but alas, her nervousness causes her to forget correct verb conjugations and in her tongue are muscle spasms. In between language study, teaching preschoolers, meal planning and potty training… she looks well to how things go in her household. Her children rise up and call her exhausted. (but blessed!) and her husband boasts of her and praises her saying. ‘Many women have done well in this land.. but you excel them all.’


©2001 Thrive

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