Bugs in the flour,
Bugs in the rice,
Bugs in the garden,
Plus lots of mice.

Ants that are tiny
And crawl everywhere:
One speck of food
And you’ll find them there!

Ants that are big
But only a few,
So I wasn’t worried
‘Til I learned what they do:

Freshly baked sweet rolls,
Who stole a bite?
Those big ants are guilty;
I’m ready to fight!

Now where there are bugs,
There are lizards too —
Not bad in themselves,
Minus all their doodoo.

Bugs beyond number
Attracted to light,
Who fall on my body
While I’m reading at night.

Bugs at the window:
Lake flies galore.
So tiny they fly
Through the screen on our doors.

I didn’t hear thunder,
But it sure sounds like rain!
It’s masses of white ants
Staking out their domain.

This bug’s a cicada
Bigger than my thumb;
No sweet singing voice
Like where I come from:

These giants make a noise
That makes sirens seem tame.
I’d like them to go back
To the place whence they came.

Bugs on the grass blades
As we meander by:
At home we discover
the ticks with a sigh.

And then there’s siafu,
My favorite of all:
They march like an army
Over ceilings and walls.

These ants like to pinch folks
If they get in the way,
But I found out they eat small ants:
No more sisimizi today! *

Even these bugs can
bring good in disguise
And remind me that Jesus
hears my desperate cries!

* Note: Sisimizi are the small ants mentioned in this stanza


©2001 Thrive

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