A Journal Entry written 14 months after arriving in France…

Lord, I imagine you walking
Through the streets of Jerusalem
Or on a country dirt road with many people following you.
They all want to be near you to hear You.
They want You to look their way and touch them with Your hand.
They follow You because Your very words give life.

Oh Lord, I am one in that crowd following at Your footsteps.
I see Your face and hear Your step and want to be by Your side.
How I long for You to turn around and look me in the eyes and say,
“I know You, come with me. I’m going to lead You on.”
Oh Jesus, come to me, walk with me,
Take me by the hand. Comfort me.
I must hold You and You must lead me on.

Lord, there’s a numb place inside me,
Deep in my heart. It’s tired and anxious.
If I speak to this part, I’m afraid I will cry.
It’s weak, if I confess…and sad. I try to be strong.
I want to have faith but I am growing weary.
Give me Your strength to carry me on.


©2001 Thrive

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