I want to run away – back to my own people and my own language.
Instead we buy a house here.

I want to make my own path, my own way in life.
Instead, I follow the Shepherd.

I don’t want the troubles and difficulties I’m sure are ahead.
But faith reminds me not to throw away my crown.

I think everyone must be able to see the conflict inside me.
But only His eyes can understand to the depths of my soul.

He leads me up a steep, winding path.
I go slowly, but I keep climbing.

I pass through many fires.
But I am not burned, only purified.

My soul is ground down and thirsty.
I need to drink of the Living Water.

Where am I going?
To a city that is more permanent than this one.

Where will I find rest?
In the city where there are no more tears.


©2000 Thrive

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