take a walk through my house and you will find
boxes, bags and barrels
empty walls and empty rooms
half empty hearts that are leaving too soon
didn’t we just get here?
we finally got settled,
and now we’re leaving again?
didn’t we just get here?
I finally fit in,
and now we’re leaving again?

hearts still filled with the love of family members
but empty with the thought of leaving
spaces that can never be filled again
spaces that when empty are painful.
spaces that leave huge gaps in my heart.
people say when you have too much sorrow
you die
and I think I know why
because pretty soon there will be nothing left of my heart
people keep taking pieces
taking parts

there is one piece though that never leaves
a piece that is filled with love from above
a piece that never grows smaller
but bigger
it takes the place of those other gaps
it fills them with light, happiness
I may leave my home,
I may leave my friends
all my aunts and uncles
and national friends
I may pack everything up
sell everything I have
but there would still be that piece in my heart
that piece that grows bigger all the time.
that piece that gives me strength,
that piece that never changes
never moves
never stops giving
never changes
that piece that is filled with love from above
that part of my withered,
and torn
for Jesus is my piece.


©2000 Thrive

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