I got up this morning in my usual frame of mind these days – down in the dumps. It was an effort to face Tuesday, my longest day of the week. I know I’m hard to live with because I’m so negative, but I can’t seem to get out of the doldrums. Living is hard for me right now. I haven’t given in completely to my depression as yet, so I pushed myself out the door, walked down the cave-like stairwell and opened the outer door.

I nearly gasped. The sun was shining in a bright blue sky, but it was snow-crunching cold and every tree was frosted. There were diamonds everywhere. Being naturally attracted to “bright, shiny things” like emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies, I was enchanted. There were diamonds everywhere! Even though it was by far the coldest morning yet this winter, I decided it was better to walk to work.

My spirits began to lift immediately. How had God managed to paint such a beautiful picture in this depressing place? In the middle of the city? The trees formed a frozen arch over the sidewalks; the sun caught the frost in its beam and everything was bathed in white light. Even the sound of the traffic was dulled on the snow. The world was crisp and still. The snow had broken off small pine branches and I picked them up– to decorate my house for Christmas. I looked up again to the sky and the trees with their icing. How had He done it so wonderfully? The sparrows fluttered down right in front of me looking for breakfast in the snow. They too were made by Him; He had not forgotten to provide for them. I walked on wondering.

It was absolutely stunning, but how had it managed to be here in Bishkek? There was nothing of beauty here. Bishkek was run-down and tired, gray and growing older. Bishkek was the place that God must have forgotten or left long ago. Yet here it was, the most beautiful morning I’d seen in years and years, in the center of Bishkek. Painted by God Himself. Is it possible He hasn’t forgotten this place or my being here? Did anyone else notice what a morning it was? He didn’t paint it just for me, but this morning it certainly seemed so.


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