Oh…., this new country in which I live. You might say the “honeymoon” is over.
When I walk outside my door, everything I see is dirty.
When I get on the bus, I’m smashed together with people I don’t understand.
When I go to language school, my brain hurts from forging into this 2nd language.
When I look at my kids, somedays I wonder, “How is this good?”
When I see my husband, I see a longing for ministry, but a need to study language first.
Truth be told, when I look to God, I still see these things.
He doesn’t remove me from my surroundings. But….., truth be told……, when I praise and worship God, I see none of these things.
It’s at those times, I sense His calling, His purpose and His promise.
I know His promise that all His deeds are good – including all these things I see! So to this end – what I see and what I know – I walk by faith!

After 12 years of stateside pastoral ministry, Kristine and her husband and their three children move to Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia.


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