1. Try to find the large tote lockers from Target or K-Mart and store everything from big to small in it. Once we got onto the field, we found they were helpful for extra storage space. Also, they were very helpful to use as gates across the doors and tops of stairs so our little (earthly) angels (twins under 23 months!) are blocked in!
  2. All those little cracks of space just not getting used? Stick in extra Ranch, Italian and Taco seasoning packages. Though I don’t make pies a lot, you can’t beat those Crisco sticks for baking, especially for homemade tortillas. I brought along several packages of the 50% faster rising yeast, too. One thing I’m so glad I stuck into one of those little cracks of space was the stain remover sticks. There’s nothing here to help with clothes.   Basically, you can’t bring enough of those!
  3. One thing that sounds strange is that the plastic ice cube trays here are of poor quality. All have cracked! I would take 6 plastic ones along from the US. Six may sound like a lot, but, on a hot day, your family alone will go through that many and that doesn’t leave any for your guests.

Editor’s Note: Look for more packing tips from Laurie in the next several issues!


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