Write for us

How to Write for Thrive.

Thrive seeks to empower and encourage women in cross-cultural work. We are seeking women who are serving or have served in cross-cultural settings to contribute an article in any of the following areas:

  • being a woman serving cross-culturally
  • being single; being married
  • lessons you have learned about the Father and His character
  • dealing with loneliness, loss, role confusion, depression, abuse, addictions, etc.
  • spiritual formation practices
  • lessons learned from a seasoned veteran
  • interpersonal relationships: friendships with women, Company members, nationals, aging parents
  • initial adjustments – culture shock, family, interacting with nationals, etc.
  • language acquisition
  • planning for home assignment; returning to country of service
  • leaving the field permanently
  • recipes

The only qualification is life experience. We know you have a story to tell, or maybe several. Remember: Laughter is always good medicine! Please write and tell us what’s on your heart. This is a great way to launch your writing career! We love to encourage first-time writers. Check out our Articles by Global Women  and Recipes in our Thrive Connection for a feel and ideas for content.

Our article and recipe review policy:

  • All submissions must be sent by email through our Article Submission Form
  • Please title the email Subject line: Connection Article Submission or Recipe
  • Submit articles by File Attachment (MS Word) in our Customer support portal email form.
  • We give acknowledgment upon receiving your article (allow 2 weeks).
  • Our Connection Editor reads all articles or recipes and makes decisions on the appropriateness of an article or recipe for Thrive’s readers.
  • We will notify you by email if your article is selected.
  • We have editorial license to make changes we deem necessary. If we do more than routine copy editing, we will let you see the changes before publication.
  • We have publishing rights. You retain ownership of the article. By submitting an article or recipe to Thrive, you are giving your permission to allow it to be archived and available for downloading indefinitely.


— Feature articles should be between 500 -1,000 words, with editorial exceptions.
— Recipes need to include ingredients, cooking steps and at least 1 photo to be featured. Step by step instruction is not required but preferred and photo support is alway welcomed!
— There is no monetary compensation for use of your article or recipe.

Note: We must have your name, e-mail address and short bio to publish your article/recipe, however, you may chose to not have your name included when the article/recipe is published. This information may be highlighted as a guest author within the published article/recipe. Additionally, if your article/recipe is selected we will also have you make a Gravatar profile that will allow us to feature a thumbnail photo of you within your published article/recipe.